Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Ginger Ninja

Saturday night. Indian takeaway. Bottle of Diet Coke. Bag of Malteasers. X Factor and a movie.
A regular Saturday night you might think.
Throw a silent furry assassin into the mix and it nearly results in a visit to A&E (not for me this time I might add! For those not in the know, I have previous. I get the same bed every time I visit!!)
I was in the kitchen plating up and Caroline was in the living room setting the coffee table for our sophisticated Saturday dinner. On her way back through to the kitchen Elvis darted out from under the dining room table - SURPRISE!
Caz didn't anticipate this warm greeting as usually he's just lying on the floor in front of the radiator so she ended up tripping over him. He was flying through the air as Caroline was stumbling closer and closer towards the floor. The look of pure fear on her face as she stoated towards me to stop her self from face-planting on the floor.
I'm standing holding two curry dishes watching it unfold in slow motion. It literally took seconds but felt like it went on for ages. After checking she was alright I found Elvis and unceremoniously launched him into his cage in a state of panic. We sound like terrible pet owners!!
Caroline styled it out like a pro though, and didn't fall. Mummy protection instincts kicking in I guess, because later on she said if she wasn't pregnant she'd have been quite happy to skelp the floor and shake it off.
Once I made sure Caz was ok, we scooped Elvis up for cuddles and made sure that he too was ok.
Not only was he not injured, he seemed very content - totally oblivious to his role as a three-legged ninja!!
After dinner there was a small bout of hysteria - a little bit of maniacal laughing and tears!
Mum, baby an bunny are all fine, we just got a bit of a fright.
And Elvis is grounded!!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

All this stuff

Where the hell do we keep all our stuff?! Currently sifting through an 11 year collection of items that  moved house with us 6 years ago! We've managed to get rid of so many things through eBay, car boot sales and other various channels and yet the house still looks choc full!
We've had quite a successful week selling things on eBay this week though. Almost raised enough cash to purchase the snazzy new Cybex Car Seat we've had our eye on in Mamas & Papas since our visit last week.
Obviously not the bright orange version though... although people we know would prefer us to pick that one! (*wink wink,* inside joke!)
It's just occurred to me that we're getting rid of all this stuff to make room for more stuff!! Its a vicious cycle!!!!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Hormones... Incoming!!

So I heard this really lovely song at work at the start of the week by a guy called Jamie Lawson (apparently he's just signed to Ed Sheeran's label or something) and the more I've heard it over the past few days the more I've come to realise that it's a really beautiful track. It's called "Wasn't Expecting That".

Tonight I thought to myself "I know, I'll let Caroline hear this" because she likes Ed Sheeran and guitar based singers. This would also be the night her hormones decided to make an appearance.
This far, she's been pretty calm and collected, not tonight. Tonight there were tears welling up and a quivering bottom lip. Granted, it is a pretty heart wrenching song and video, but  even I wasn't expecting that!

It reminded me of the first time we tried to watch "UP." We weren't even 10 minutes in and she made me turn the movie off because she was a blubbering wreck. Its funny to look back on now, but at the time it took me a good few weeks to get her to watch it again! I doubt I'll be seeing it again any time soon!  Carl & Ellie's story.

Hormones aside, pregnancy seems to be agreeing with her. She's at that really cute starting to show stage which is amazing. This weeks craving seems to be baking (or maybe that's my craving!)
She made cake-pops and shortbread yesterday which were awesome. The boys at work were quiet for a good 10 minutes today when I rocked up with a tub of those this morning!
Things are progressing well at home too. Our vision for the nursery is taking shape. We spent last Friday night after work visiting  Mamas & Papas at Glasgow Fort (a bit different from our usual Friday nights... I better get used to this.) So all the furniture is picked, car seat and pram (with matching bag for Caroline obviously) selected and all extras tried (Snuzpods etc). After our experience at Mothercare a few weeks back I didn't expect much, but Caroline had been through with Marie a few days before and was mightily impressed. As was I. Nothing was a hassle and the staff we encountered were brilliant - they actually came over to us and showed us all this weird stuff like how to fold down a pram with one hand! Who knew?!
Caz also bought the coolest little pair of baby booties to give the baby from Elvis! They are little bunnies! Check them out below.