Saturday, 30 July 2016

The world seems a much scarier place.

The past few weeks/months in the news has been pretty horrendous.
The various attacks in France, America, Turkey, Germany, Japan... Everything seems so much worse when you have a perfect little human to care for and protect while they grow up and go on to make their own way in this big, bad world. It really is quite a daunting prospect.
I've spent some time thinking about, when the time comes to explain the actions of people to Mara, why things happen and why people do what they do and I can't come up with a suitable explanation, and this makes me sad to think of the world she will inherit.

At the same time as the sadness though, I'm also incredibly optimistic.
We don't send our children out into the world unprepared, we're supposed to guide them and teach them right from wrong and mould them into sensible, caring young people who respect others and embrace difference.
As a result, I realise that there is a whole spectrum of people willing to raise their children to be tolerant, good, understanding, clever, humorous and loving. And to not be complete assholes to others. We're raising our kids to reflect the best of us and the good in the world and if we all get that right then we've got it made.
And should any of those crazies who are causing all the hurt around the world get in their way, they have my sympathies because they won't stand a chance against my amazing, compassionate daughter and all her friends who are here, or who have yet to be born, to show them the error of their ways.
They're coming for you and will stand against all the bullsh*t you believe in.

Good Luck & Peace Out!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

10 Things I've Learned As A New Daddy This Week (Part 16)

1. This hot, humid weather we've been having makes for a very claggy baby.

2. The folds of a baby's neck provide ideal growing conditions for fungus! I don't think I'm supposed to bathe Mara more than once a day.

3. Now that we're trying proper foods and not just formula, the "Code Red" nappy's have increased substantially... 
These trousers are now in the bin!

4. Mara has yet to work out that the louder she cries and protests the more it convinces us that she is definitely going for a nap.

5. There are fewer things in life as funny as a baby noisily filling their nappy, staring you square in the eye and giggling away.

6. It's too easy to get to 3.00pm and realise you haven't stopped working since 7.30am and have managed to achieve the grand total of fuck all.

7. An 'epic lie in' as a dad means sleeping past 7.30am on a Saturday. 

8. When hurriedly bringing your baby into your bed at daft o'clock in the morning, you should really check first if they've woken themselves up because they've shat everywhere.

9. Mara has discovered her hands (and weirdly her ears, she's always pulling on them!) and that they are good for grabbing things and forcing them towards her mouth. Toys, muslins, Grannie's blouse... We're at the "discovering the world with her mouth" stage.

10. We bought a Fisher-Price Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo for Mara recently and she absolutely loves it! We've had to stack a couple of cookbooks underneath her though as she can't quite reach the floor, but once she finds her feet she can get quite a bounce going! She honestly seems fascinated by everything it has to play with!

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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Mind your own business!

So, as some of you may have seen from my post last Saturday, I encountered a series of unfortunates last weekend when I was out shopping with Mara. Comments directly to me and comments I picked up passing people with my bat-like hearing!

1) "Oh, look at the size of that baby, she's too young to be out". 
What? How the hell would you know how old she is just from looking at her? Yes she's small, due to her prematurity, but had you paid attention to how alert and inquisitive she is, or even bothered to ask, you would know that she's not too young. Belt up.

2) While standing in Next waiting to pay for items I was buying... 
To Mara "Aw, look at you, you're gorgeous!"
To Me "Is this you just got her for the day?"
Erm... Wait a minute... How do I give off the vibe that I'm an absent father who only sees his kid for a few hours at the weekend? The ring on my finger kinda says otherwise. Maybe, in the era that we live in, myself and my married friends are the exception rather than the rule, we don't all sleep around and have umpteen different kids to different women in every town. We intend to be around for our wives and kids 24/7, not waiting on a bigger handout from the government because we've racked up child number 7 with the 5th wee dirty we've picked up in Club Earth.

3) In a lift in the centre... Mara has just woken up at this point and was a bit cranky because she was hungry...
Some 60+ year old guy "Aye, you better get her back to her mother, you've obviously not got the 'equipment' to deal with that."
Yes, you old goat, that's because I just like to carry around this baby bag full of nappies, bottles and pre-mixed milk for fun. I like the challenge of trying to navigate this god forsaken place with a baby and a buggy as well as a large bag full of essentials so that my wife can have a day off (although to be fair, poor Caz was in the showroom working!) 

Why do perfect strangers think it's acceptable to make such comments?! 
This is why those in my circle of friends wonder why I dislike people in general!

To end on a high though, we did have a quick, impromptu catch up with my old primary school friend Sara who I haven't seen in almost 20 years! Those of you who like art and fashion should go check out her work, she's a very successful fashion illustrator, artist and art blogger now based in Dubai, UAE. You can find her on Facebook under Sara Japanwalla - Fine Art and Illustration, or at