Friday, 28 October 2016

Mara's Diary - 8 Months & Counting (Part 5)

Sorry, its been a while! I've been busy being a baby and stuff, you know?!


I'm a genius, I came up with a new word at the weekend - dada! The funny thing is, every time I say it now, the fuzzy one keeps answering me and talking and laughing at me. What's his deal?


My gums have been really sore recently but mummy gives me this amazing little bag of powder that makes them feel better. She calls it tooth cocaine...


Tried to roll under the sofa this morning when the fuzzy one wasn't looking, he caught me though.
He has no sense of adventure.


I had a long lie this morning. Woke up in a really good mood and even forgot I was hungry. Then I remembered I was hungry and scared the big people by squealing for my breakfast.


Drank some bath water tonight. Apparently, I'm not allowed to do this.


The big people have been trying to get me to sleep in my own room in my big girl cot. That's not happening until they get some decent music on the baby monitor, its proper shit! The fuzzy one has got it set to playing classical music! What's that all about? Get some Calvin Harris or Green Day on!


My gums were really hurting me again tonight, but mummy gave me this little purple drink that tasted like cherries and it made me really happy! I had the best sleep ever. Definitely need to get my hands on that stuff again, sharpish!

Baby Lindsay, where are you? There's so much I want to show you and teach you! You can come out of Aunty Sam's tummy now! xxx

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Baby Formula

I was contacted recently by the lovely Camilla from to ask if I would be willing to publish an article on Baby Formula.
Granted, they are an American company and the products written about don't necessarily apply to my core UK audience, but the research on the benefits of formula itself makes for a very interesting read.
Their site also offer great guidance for fathers in the throes of child-rearing.
While there is no denying the health benefits of breast milk, eventually many parents find themselves turning to formula, either through necessity or choice.
While baby formulas are all safe to feed your baby, there are differences between brands that affect consistency, taste and ease of digestion for babies.
If you're considering switching from breast milk to formula, or are currently expecting and are unsure which path to take, spend some time reading over their research and give yourself a real chance to make an informed decision.

Monday, 17 October 2016

JORD Wood Watch Review

When I started out writing as a Dad Blogger, I didn't go into it with the idea of "Yes, I'm going to be swimming in free stuff!" I wanted to blog for more the more personal reason of keeping a memo of my daughter Mara growing up, documenting as much as I could, you know, the small stuff that can sometimes be easily forgotten.
Hopefully when she grows up, she'll be able to look back and laugh at all the things I've written, or reminisce fondly.

By becoming a dad blogger though, it opened me up to a growing community of like minded fathers out there who all want to do the same thing. It also presented me with the opportunity to work alongside brands who have come across my blog and like what I do.
The first of these was JORD, who make exquisite wooden watches.
At first I thought it was a joke, it all seemed too good to be true (sorry Ben, I'm not gonna lie!) but I did some research and found out that everything was legit. My contact, Ben, couldn't have been friendlier or more approachable and answered every question I posed.

Ben gave me the option of three watches to review -

In the end I was given The Sawyer.
Once shipped, it arrived within 10 days. I still had this feeling of disbelief, but when I opened the parcel and saw the beautiful box the watch was presented iN, I knew I was onto something good.

When I opened the box I let out a little squeal of delight. To coin a phrase I've picked up from a fellow dad blogger, it can only be described as a dadgasm!
I was in love with a watch, there's no other way to describe it! It's an absolutely stunning piece of craftsmanship. The detailing of the watch strap and watch face is second to none.

The team at JORD have a whole host of amazing watches on sale, for men and women, but I feel extremely honoured to have been given the chance to review their flagship watch.

I liked that I was able to have to wrist strap sized to suit me before it was shipped, as opposed to having to take it to a local watchmaker to have it altered. I don't think I'd have been comfortable with that!

Since that day, it has barely left my wrist. I've worn it out to the shops when I take Mara out, I've taken it on holiday and I've worn it to weddings. It is such a versatile watch that it will go with anything, whether I am dressed up or dressed down.

 I've also noticed people staring at it, and had a lot of nice comments as well as asking where I got it from, and I don't hesitate in informing people of the website.
It's been an honour to work alongside JORD and I hope I get the opportunity to do so again in the future. Thanks for everything Ben!

Visit to view the full range, or purchase a gift for yourself or someone you know. You won't be disappointed.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

10 Things Ive Learned As A New Daddy (Part 18)

1. Sleep is an old friend I've lost contact with. Recently, we were reacquainted, but then proper teeth started making an appearance and she's left again.

2. Mara has this little "sweet spot" for napping where she's just sleepy enough to drift off without putting up a fight, but isn't overtired. It lasts approximately 10 seconds.

3. The council have finally done it... They've replaced all the big family sized bins with ones made for single people who stay in with their cats and drink wine for every meal. Why?! We live in a nice neighbourhood, why are you trying to destroy us?! Do you know how many nappies Mara goes through in a week? Climb down off your eco high-horse you, we're not scrubbing grotty nappies by hand for anyone.

4. Hamley's Toy Store is no place to go after a twin wedding weekend and the remnants of a hangover still haunting you. I can't handle them like I used to.

5. Judging by the amount of times Mara has kicked me in balls today, she's not interested in siblings.

6. For some reason I still set my alarm every night for 7.30am the following morning. Utterly pointless.

7. Elvis has worked out that every time Mara goes into her high chair he is likely to be rewarded with a stray piece of toast or a rusk.

8. One of the most magical sounds in the world is hearing Caroline and Mara laughing their heads off together in the living room when I come in from work. It beats the sound of the tumble dryer being on again anyway!

9. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is really beginning to get on my tits.

10. When Mara blow raspberries in the middle of a tantrum it sends very mixed messages.